about our school

At our school, we aim to make English feel familiar to our students, and create lessons that give them confindence in their English speaking ability.Our objective is to make our school feel inviting to potential students by eliminating negative images such as high prices and ineffective courses, which are frequently associated with larger English school chains.Our school has a free spirited and fun atmosphere that invigorates our staff. We are all extremely passionate about English education, and are always working together to improve the quality of our classes and our school. We also seek to make a strong connection with the surrounding communtiy through various activities and events.

Full Time / Part TimeTeaching Position

Someone who is:

  • honest
  • responsible with students
  • hard-working
  • passionate about teaching English
  • lively and creative
  • good with people

Someone who is able to:

  • cooperate and get along with other employees
  • be dedicated to the school
  • teach a range of students from Age 2 to adults


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience would be helpful, but not mandatory
  • Advanced English Proficiency
  • TESOL Certification is not essential, but would be highly welcomed


  • We can provide a working visa
  • Paid Holidays for the following: Golden Week (around the first 2 weeks of May): 7 days / Obon (around the third week of August): 7 days / New Year's and Christmas: 2 weeks Autumn Break: 3 days
  • The opportunity to work with our friendly and supportive staff
  • Work compensation in the case of an accident
  • Language support and assistance in case of injury or illness

How to contact us

By phone 0986-46-6588
By e-mail
(we will respond within 2 - 3 business days)
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